Your first wedding dance should be all about you two and a sheer enjoyment of the moment.

We will make sure you look natural and effortless during this time.

We want you to look like you didn’t take wedding dance lessons, and you were just born dancers.

Time before your event can get very hectic and stressful; we will make sure your first dance will be a fun and relaxing experience.

Usually it takes about 5 lessons to get you moving in an organized manner and be comfortable in front of your guests, if you don’t want a fixed routine we can teach to lead and follow in social dancing.

Taking dance lessons is an investment that will last you a life time, you will be able to use your dance skills in every social event afterwards.

With a little bit of commitment, you can look amazing and make your family and friends be stunned by the level of your dance.

We are sure that the second you start learning to move to your favorite song, you will understand what it is to be real in the moment of music after all it is the two of you expressing your feelings with a little touch of professionalism on our part.

We can tailor: bride and groom first dance, mother son dance, father daughter dance, bridal party and many more to make your special day even more glamorous.



  • Try to think about your favorite song prior to coming to the lesson, if you let us know ahead of time what song you want to dance to, we will be prepared and everything will go little faster.
  • If you don’t really know what song you want to use we can help you choose based on your personalities and our experience.
  • Make sure your DJ or band does not begin your first dance song until you cue them.
  • Make sure your MC understands that your first dance is yours. Tell him not to invite others to join you on the dance floor unless you specifically want this to happen.
  • Talk to photographer and videographer about certain moments in your routine that you want to be captured and what is the best angle to do that.
  • Think about your wedding attire especially shoes, it’s recommended to practice your wedding dance wearing shoes that you will be wearing that special day. Ladies – your wedding gown may feel different to dance in, then everyday outfit. We suggest you to come to your last lesson wearing something remotely similar in size and feel as your wedding gown. 
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